My passion for food began at a very early age through the simple heartfelt connection I found cooking with my father and grandmother in Buffalo, New York. My love for cooking continued to grow and I started my formal culinary career at the age of 19.  I began classical training under some of the greatest chefs in the New York area and quickly worked my way up through the industry. I eventually made my way to Boulder, Colorado, a mecca of great culinary cuisine which has a strong locally sourced, organic appeal. Here I worked for the acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant The Kitchen. Over my 8 year tenure at The Kitchen,  I started as Chef de Partie and worked my way up to Chef de Cuisine.  As Chef de Cuisine I strengthened existing relationships and developed new ones with many local farmers and purveyors of Colorado in order to source the freshest, purest and best tasting ingredients possible. Highlighting the quality of those ingredients in simple yet nuanced ways was, and still is, the key to my continued success as a chef. Supporting local agriculture, organic farmers, and earth-friendly grassroots movements, remains the focus of my philosophy to this day.  

Food Philosophy

Cooking is all about relationships.  It's about bringing people together.  Nourishing the people you love with thoughtful and lovingly prepared food.  Food strengthens our existing relationships and helps build new ones.  Just as we need to nurture our relationships with each other we need to nurture our relationship with food. We need to meet our local farmers, ranchers, and fisherman.  We need to discover the people behind the food that nourishes our family.  When we have this deeper connection with what goes on our plate we have a deeper appreciation and respect for the ingredients that made up that dish and a more tangible relationship with the earth, the ultimate source of our nourishment. That's what I strive for in every dish I create.  Every leaf, every vegetable, every ingredient has a story.  It's my job to discover that story and share it with you through my cooking.